Aug. 13th, 2017


Aug. 13th, 2017 11:00 pm
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I almost never post anything on here, but today I need to change. Nazis (or white nationalist, or alt-righters, or whatever name they choose to hide behind - from here on out, to me, they’re Nazis) have murdered people. We must stop them.

I have seen a LOT of people talking about how these people don’t represent America, but let me tell you, if you look at our history you will see that this is nothing new. People like this have been around for a long time. We could easily look the other way, and pretend that they weren’t there (and I am just as guilty of this as anybody). We just happen to be seeing more of them because our President, his political advisors, and seemingly a large portion of his political party are either a: craven cowards or b: actively courting the support of Nazis (please note: it’s probably b, given the history of several of the President’s advisors). They feel emboldened to come out and peddle their hate in the open.

I’ve also seen talk about debating with Nazis. What...what do you think debate is? Debate is a show, a performance to broadcast your position to an audience. If a Nazi loses a debate, do you think you’ve changed their mind? It’s a performance when it’s done in an educational context, and it’s a performance when we see our politicians engage in it. I see no need to allow Nazis a space to sell their hate, and I guarantee that you’ll never change their point of view with tons of facts and charts.

People are worried about violence “on both sides”. Really? REALLY? Look, of ALL the videos and photos I have seen, who’re loaded up with firearms? Torches (tiki torches, what the fuck)? Shields and truncheons? Have you ever heard of a leftist or a socialist or an LGTBQ+ activist plowing into Nazis with a car? C’mon.

And then, I have to look at myself in the mirror. How long have I been silent about this? How long have I said nothing while terrible things have happened? These Nazis want to destroy my friends, my family. Can I keep looking in that mirror without being ashamed? How can I help to stop them? I think the first thing I can do is stop being silent.


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