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2014-10-20 12:16 pm
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Fun at the Renaissance Festival

Sunday morning (after a stubborn child delay) we headed to the Texas Renaissance Festival for some fun.

Following a much quicker route that Amy knows, we arrived and immediately went in search of a Scotch egg (yum!). We looked at quite a few jewelry shops to look for wedding bands, but didn't find anything that wowed us.

As this was fairy weekend, Lillian was right at home. I don't have a costume, so Amy and I were looking at stuff - I'm very interested in doing something LOTR-inspired, but we also found some really cool tricorns that I liked. Amy looked _stunning_ in her outfit. :)

This was not my first time at the festival, but it was my first for a lot of things - I had never seen any of the shows (Ded Bob, Clan Tynker) and I'd never stayed for the fireworks (awesome!). There was a guy with ***fire whips*** which were amazing.

There was also a lot of walking and a lot of (fried and sweet, but not necessarily at the same time) food, some mead, and a child face painting (unicorn, of course). We met up with Ja, Ke and T, and Stu and An brought Ai along - everybody had lots of fun (and some cool costumes!).