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Another weekend of fun (and work)! 

We started the fun early, with sushi and a Peter Murphy concert on Thursday evening. It's been a long time since I've been to a concert, and I've never been to one in a small venue; it was nice to be close to the musicians as they performed. There were some technical issues with one of the opening acts, but Peter Murphy's set didn't seem to have any problems. I can't wait to attend some more concerts!

Friday was for a small amount of laziness; Amy made some great oatmeal with blueberries and lemon curd (try it!!), and we did a small amount of cleaning, along with plenty of fun, talk, and snuggling.

After some delicious crock pot steel-cut oatmeal, Saturday was for cleaning, and we did a lot of it! Since we're having everyone over for the first time for Lillian's birthday party, it was the perfect time to do a good cleaning for several areas that will see a lot of traffic.

We downshifted (slightly) on Sunday, starting with cornmeal mush for breakfast. Maple syrup and butter were liberally applied, and I was very happy with it. :)  We also ran over to Red River Barbeque & Grill and had some really excellent BBQ - if you go, make sure to grab some Texas hush puppies! Since I'm starting CrossFit this week, our schedule in the evenings will be pretty hectic, so we did a huge grocery shop and cooked for several hours in the evening. We also made time for a walk with Ang, Stu, and Ay; as we reached the turnaround point at the bridge, we were amazed to see well in excess of 30 turtles (aka a bale of turtles - yay, terms of venery!).

We finished the evening with an exhausted young lady falling asleep at the table - Lillian has been a dynamo of flailing and questioning and pouting, and she just couldn't sustain it. We're looking at some methods of curbing some of those behaviors, which will be nice. 

All in all, another great weekend. :)

Oh! There was ice cream. Ice cream is always nice.


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