I'm planning to focus on non-fiction this year; I predict that my number of books will be much lower, as I tend to take longer with non-fiction.

1*) The Essentials of Buddhist Meditation - Zhiyi (translated by Bhikshu Dharmamitra)
2*) The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse - Stonehouse (translated by Red Pine)
3) The Fisherman - John Langan (fiction)
4*) Understanding Reality - Chang Po-Tuan (translated by Thomas Cleary)
5*) The Inner Teachings of Taoism - Chang Po-Tuan, Liu I-Ming (translated by Thomas Cleary)
6*) The Book of Balance and Harmony - translated by Thomas Cleary
7*) Practical Taoism - translated by Thomas Cleary
8*) The Secret of the Golden Flower - translated by Thomas Cleary
9*) Down Below - Leonora Carrington
10) Zero History - William Gibson (re-read, fiction)
11*) Thunder in the Sky - translated by Thomas Cleary
12*) Conspicuous Consumption - Thorstein Veblen
13) Borne - Jeff VanderMeer (fiction) 
14) Head Full of Ghosts - Paul Tremblay (fiction)
15) Sleeping Giants - Sylvain Neuvel (fiction)
16) American Elsewhere - Robert Jackson Bennett (fiction)
17) The Secret History of Twin Peaks - Mark Frost (fiction)
18*) The Six Dharma Gates to the Sublime - Zhiyi
19) Little Heaven - Nick Cutter (fiction)
20) Occultation - Laird Barron (fiction)
21*) Ancient Philosophy, Mystery, and Magic - Peter Kingsley
22* Stones of Aran: Labyrinth - Tim Robinson

(updated 3/1 to add The Fisherman, which I got through ILL).

(updated 3/24 for Understanding Reality)

(updated 4/11 for The Inner Teachings of Taoism)

(updated 5/3 for The Book of Balance and Harmony)

(updated 5/11 for Practical Taoism)

(updated 5/24 for The Secret of the Golden Flower)

(updated 5/28 for Down Below)

(updated 6/15 for Zero History)

(updated 6/25 for Thunder in the Sky, Conspicuous Consumption, and Borne)

(updated 7/15 for various fiction)

(updated 7/26 for The Six Dharma Gates to the Sublime)

(updated 7/31 for Little Heaven)

(updated 8/7 for Occultation)

(updated 9/2 for Stones of Aran & Ancient Philosophy, etc.)


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