Well, I failed to get through 52 books this year...but it's not like I had made a promise to anyone but myself. So there.

49) The Present Alone is Our Happiness,
Pierre Hadot
48) The Black Company,
Glen Cook
47) Slade House,
David Mitchell
46) Soldier of Sidon,
Gene Wolfe (re-read)
45) The Broken Sword,
Poul Anderson

44) King Solomon's Mines
, Henry Rider Haggard
43) The Rim of Morning, William Sloane
42) Matter, Iain M. Banks
41) Declare, Tim Powers (re-read)
40) Southern Gods, John Hornor Jacobs
39) Pietr the Latvian, Georges Simenon
38) The Aeronaut's Windlass, Jim Butcher
37) Starting Strength, Mark Rippetoe
36) The Bone Clocks, David Mitchell
35) The Inner Citadel, Pierre Hadot 
in process:

Fear and Trembling, Søren Kierkegaard
Alone with the Alone, Henri Corbin

Year-to-Date List:

34) The 'Geisters, David Nickle
33) Squat Every Day, Matt Perryman
32) Promise of Blood, Brian McClellan
31) The Crimson Campaign, Brian McClellan
30) Ex-Heroes, Peter Clines
29) Circle of Enemies: A Twenty Palaces Novel, Harry Connolly
28) Empire in Black and Gold, Adrian Tchaikovsky
27) Road to Heaven, Bill Porter
26) The Ipcress File, Len Deighton
25) The Narrator, Michael Cisco
24) The Incorruptibles, John Hornor Jacobs (Kindle)

23) The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo (Kindle)
22) Of Human Freedom (Penguin Great Ideas), Epictetus (Kindle)
21) The Way Into Chaos, Harry Connolly (Kindle)
20) The Way Into Magic, Harry Connolly (Kindle)
19) The Way into Darkness, Harry Connolly (Kindle)
18) 1Q84, Haruki Murakami
17) The Hydrogen Sonata, Iain M. Banks (audio)
16) What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, Haruki Murakami (audio)
15) Unholy Dimension, Jeffrey Thomas (Kindle)
14) Rasputin's Bastards, David Nickle (paperback)
13) The Tiger's Wife, Téa Obrecht (audio)
12) Night of Knives, Ian C. Esslemont (Kindle)
11) Ready Player One, Ernest Cline (audio)
10) Metrophage, Richard Kadrey (Kindle)
9) Zoo City, Lauren Beukes (Kindle)

8) On the Abolition of all Political Parties, Simone Weil (paperback)
7) Something Coming Through, Paul McAuley (Kindle)
6) All the Birds, Singing, Evie Wyld (paperback)
5) Use of Weapons, Iain M. Banks (paperback + audio)
4) Last Days, Adam Nevill (paperback)
3) In the Dark Places of Wisdom, Peter Kingsley (paperback)
2) Lovecraft's Monsters, edited by Ellen Datlow (Kindle)
1) Seveneves, Neal Stephenson (hardcover)
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